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I'm Meaghan ( Joy is my middle name!) 

I'm easy-going, and I love beautiful, high-quality portraits. Sound like you, too? 

I've been the owner of Joy Photography since 2015.

I'm a mom, an animal lover, and a wannabe hobby farmer. I'm quirky and try to be a goof to help you relax.

I'd love to be your next photographer.


Joy Photography not only goes to your location, but also offers a premier studio. 

Absolutely brimming with natural light, the atmosphere in the studio is bright and peaceful.  Clients come in and often gasp at the simple beauty of it! It is a true treasure to have in  Central Washington.


The question everyone has: What does it cost? 

Everyone's purchases are unique! Pricing is unique, also. 

I invite people to come to the studio to meet and go over the pricing and see the options you’ll have.  This is when the session fee is paid and also locks you in the calendar.  Please message me to start the conversation about pricing. 

You will be able to choose from professional wall art, digitals, beautifully printed professional albums, or collections that include a bit of everything!  Most people choose to invest in collections because of all the amazing options and how much they love their photos! 

See the 3-step session process here.


For weddings, let's get coffee and go over the details, learn more about your beautiful day, and I will share more with you about my style and services for your big day!

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