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Whether a studio session, wedding, or an on-location session,  we come together a few weeks after your portraits are ready for your ordering session.

There's something about seeing your beautiful portraits revealed in a slideshow... they're even more gorgeous!

I can even show you what they'll look like on YOUR WALL!

This is when you choose what you would like to purchase.   


Digital images are great, but let's ALSO create printed portraits for your wall, for you and your family to enjoy! I'm here to help you decide what you love and how you want to display your portraits--

whether it's a folio box, digital images up to an 8x10 size, a canvas for your wall,

framed prints, or one of my GORGEOUS albums. 

Working with a professional lab is exclusive to professional photographers. The colors are accurate, the printing is pristine, and the materials used are top-of-the-line. My products are BEAUTIFUL, guaranteed. 



The question everyone has: What does it cost? 

I invite people to come to the studio to meet and go over the pricing and see the options you’ll have.  This is when the session fee is paid and also locks you in the calendar.  

Session fees are 185, paid at your consultation,  and the minimum purchase price at the ordering session is 495.  Pricing goes up from there and it's all unique!


For weddings, let's get coffee and go over the details, learn more about your beautiful day, and I will share more with you about my services. 



Maybe instead of your location, you'd like to take advantage of the studio? My studio is a special place I have been dreaming of for years, finally come to life, and it's NOW OPEN!

My "Greek Villa", my "Taj Mahal."  

Absolutely brimming with natural light, the atmosphere in the studio is bright and peaceful. 

Clients come in and often gasp at the simple beauty of it! It's designed to help you look your very best. It is a true treasure to have in  Central Washington.

Furniture includes a Queen-sized bed to mimic portraits in your home, a beautiful velvet couch, and a variety of decorative accent chairs.  Clients have access to a beginning collection of clothing for babies and toddlers for their portraits, and there is also a luxury dressing gown for maternity or glamour portraits with a matching child dress for a Mommy and Me session.  

Let's create portraits for your home!

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"...What made the 90 minutes so fun and special was Meaghan. She keeps the good vibes going - she is funny, upbeat, tells you what to do, makes you relax, and is shooting constantly. The results are truly amazing... Meaghan's way with people is uplifting and effective, her studio is spot on, and the result is a collection of photos that customers like me will treasure."     -Tracy V. L.  

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